Aout Digital Initiative
Being founded in the Bay Area has taught us some important lessons.

Like many tech start ups, we have learned to embrace agile processes

Having an office in Toronto means founder, Katelyn Harrington, is able to apply ten years of experience from New York and San Francisco agencies and B2B experience to businesses in her home city.

As an experienced team of creative strategists, we apply the agile process to everything we tackle, allowing us to perform at higher productivity while leaving us flexible enough to adjust course with ease when needed.

Behind every project is our team of strategists, designers, developers, and producers. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we do our best to be responsive, friendly, and genuinely authentic with people we collaborate with within the business.

The fast pace that comes with innovation has taught us to remove the walls between agency teams and client teams to create direct lines of communication and seamless collaboration. San Francisco’s long history of social disruption and commercial innovation has adapted this approach.

An effective marketing website brings in new business every day.

Your website is often the first impression people get of your business. As a digital & creative agency, we have helped clients execute large and small-scale product launches across many different industries online. Whether they’re carefully analyzing your site or not, they’re being influenced by the general feeling they get from it.

Digital agency industries
Hospitality web design & development


retail web design & development


medical web design & development


non profit web design & development


music & entertainment web design & development

Music / Entertainment

construction & real estate web design & development

Construction / real estate

technology solutions & tools

Just a few of our technology solutions & tools

We provide a wide range of professional website design services and e-commerce solutions for your business. Our main specialty is custom website design and the development of WordPress CMS & Adobe Experience Manager websites.

We have created a custom WordPress solution for Enterprise systems by approaching the project knowing that it’s not just the front-end design that is customizable but also the CMS. We ensure that your system is nothing standard but completely customized to what your team needs to succeed and nothing more or less.